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Harmonics Distortion Solution
- Passive
- Active
- Tuned
- Customized
Motor Protection Solution
- Sinewave Filter
- DV / DT Filter
- Load Reactor
Voltage Surge & Sag Solution
- Surge Protection
- Sag Protection
High Frequency Noise Solution
- RFI / EMC Filter
Energy Management
- Energy Storage Solution
- Energy Management Solution
Engineering Services
- Power Measurement
- Power Analysis & Stimulation
About Us

ZPT Technology was formed in 2004 for the purpose of providing power quality services and total system solution to both the commercial and industries market around the Asia Pacific Region and the United States.


The objective of this incorporation is to build the best power quality company in the region by capitalizing on the individual strengths of each of the partner, while bringing to each a new dimension in management, marketing and quality under the new ZPT Technology. 

We Provide Power Quality &
Engineering Solutions
Power Quality

FALL 2023