Motor Protection Solution

Sine Wave Filters

·Convert inverter Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) voltage to sinusoidal waveform

·Used for long distance length of cable



·Eliminate the threat of excessive peak voltage

·Protect motor winding

·Reduced power losses

Output voltage of the filter is nearly sine wave. 

  • Extend the motor service life

  • Eliminate the peak voltage & protect the motor winding

  • Extend the motor cable length

Rated voltage - 400VAC, 480VAC, 600VAC, 690VAC
Frequency - 50/60 klHz
Switching frequency - > 5kHz, 2.5kHz, 4 kHz (Other frequency available on request)

Output waveform - Sine Wave
Voltage distortion - <5% THVD
Motor Distort - any

Type of enclosure: Loose components, IP 00, IP 20, IP 42, IP 54