Energy Humidity Recovery Ventilator

  • Reduces your energy running cost by more than 40%. 

  • Increase productivity and employee well being by improving the quality of air within your working enviroment.

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Energy Efficiency Products

The importance of energy effieciency solutions cannot be over emphasized. In fact, efficient energy use leads to energy conservation which is what the world urgently needs today.


Here at ZPT Technology, we offer you an array of solutions that are tailor made to your needs. We believe in working closely with our clients and to understand both their needs and challenges.


  • Increases the efficiency of your air-con.

  • Reduces your monthly electrical running cost up to 30% or more.

Optilux Lighting Controller (Energy saving equipment for lightling)

  • Save electrical energy up to 40% by setting different voltage values.

  • Extend lamp life.

  • Permit ignition cycles tailored for any types of lamp.

  • Cut down maintenance cost.

  • Provide programmable option

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Plug N Save  (Intelligent motor load control )

  • Energy saving equipment for motors.

  • Save electricity cost.

  • Preset soft start & soft stop functions.

  • Reduce maintenance cost.

  • Reduce noise and heat.

  • Ease to use.

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Download our catalogue