Power Quality


- AC to DC conversion produces harmonics

- Non-linear load (electronic switching devices) produces harmonic

- Harmonics can interfere with other equipment

- Harmonic distortion wastes energy

- Harmonics caused more energy consumption, blowing of fuse, curcuit breaker tripping, overheating of transformer, reduction of equipment life, etc.

Our solutions solve harmonic distortion right at the source!

  • Reactor

  • Low Pass Harmonic Filters (attenuate all harmonic frequencies)

  • Tuned Filters (attenuate specific harmonic frequencies)

  • SmARTvar™ Dynamic Harmonic Filter

  • Active Harmonic Filters

  • 12 & 18 Pulse Converter Upgrade Kits (Change 6 pulse to 12p or 18p)


Increases the overall efficiency, available capacity and reliability of electrical power systems in commercial and industrial facilities.

- Avoid penalties low power factor

- Increase your available electrical system capacity (KVA)

- Reduces system power losses

- Save from 2% to 6% of your total power consumption

- Improves environment by reducing CO2 emissions through reduced energy consumption

- Reduces system power loss and extend equipment life

  • Power Factor Capacitors

  • Automatic Capacitor Systems

  • SmARTvar™ Dynamic Capacitor Filter


Most of the Variable Frequency Drive output waveform is PWM (Pulse Width Module) voltage waveform. Our Sine Wave Filters can convert PWM voltage waveform to sinusoidal waveform.

Our Sine Wave Filters will eliminate the threat of excessive peak voltage and protect motor windings for any and all cable lengths

Benefits of Sine Wave Filters:

- Achieve voltage & current waveform in sine wave

- Extend the motor cable length

- Protect the motor winding from peak voltage

  • Sine Wave dv/dt Filters


Commonly used in the following environments: 3 Phase 4 Wire (Offices, Hotels, etc)

Economical solution to triplen harmonics (3rd, 9th, etc)

Optional features available when needed


  •  Ride Through System

  • Regen Module

  • Energy Storage

  • Braking Transistor

High Frequency Noise Solution

ZPT are partners with Roxburgh EMC

About Roxburgh EMC

For over 35 years, Roxburgh EMC has been recognised as the leading UK manufactured brand of EMI/RFI filters. Continued investment in premises, people, production and test equipment means that DEM Manufacturing are able to offer products designed, manufactured and tested to ISO 9001:2008, UL and CSA standards.

Energy Management

ZPT are partners with Enerwise Solutions

About Enerwise Solutions

EM100/EM200 generates energy reports based on the new ISO50001 energy standards, grouping by shifts, days of week, ISO category types and applications.

Enerwise Solutions is a developer and manufacturer of energy management solutions for building energy management solutions, wind and solar power energy management systems. 

Engineering Service

Power System Analysis and Solutions

Our 3-Step Power Quality Assessment:

  1. Assess your general electrical system power quality 

  2. Identify causes of your power quality problems 

  3. Make recommendations to meet your power quality objectives.