Engineering Services

Power System Analysis and Solutions

Our 3-Step Power Quality Assessment:

  1. Assess your general electrical system power quality 

  2. Identify causes of your power quality problems 

  3. Make recommendations to meet your power quality objectives.


We understand your need for individual and precise harmonic and power factor analysis. ZPT application engineers will work together with you to economically solve your harmonic / power factor issues. To get started we have provided a check list of required information.


Harmonic / Power Factor Analysis Checklist: 

  • Single line diagram 

  • Description of any problems experienced 

  • Copy of any data / measurements collected 

  • Statement of your objectives 


Typical Power Quality Assessment Includes:

  • Analyze single line diagram (provided by customer). 

  • Calculate transformer connected load (linear vs. non-linear). 

  • Determine IEEE-519 limits for harmonic distortion. 

  • Calculate total harmonic current distortion (THD-i) at transformer(s) secondary, based upon FLA for all connected load. 

  • Provide assessment report-including power quality benchmark. 

  • Provide recommendations for power quality improvement. 

  • Provide recommendations for increased equipment life. 



Let this Power Quality Assessment be your first step towards improving electrical equipment performance, reliability, energy efficiency and your bottom line.